Monday, June 3, 2019

Pregnancy and Newborn Must Haves

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I remember the excitement of squinting at those pink lines trying make sense of it all. Then the anxiety set in. Oh crap! My youngest child at the time was 7 and I was starting all over. I mean allllll over. We had nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

It was so overwhelming trying to navigate life as a expecting mom. Most everything I had used for my previous 2 children were nonexistent or was no longer acceptable 🤦🏻‍♀️

Times change and they change fast.

To help spare you some of the anxiety I felt, I’ve compiled a list of things I needed or now know I needed. Enjoy!

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  • Pregnancy Pillow
GET YOSELF ONE OF THESE! It is honestly one of the best investments you’ll make your entire pregnancy. As the days go on, you’ll find that anything that helps you sleep at night is 100% worth it! Check out this amazing maternity pillow on amazon ⬇️

  • Belly Bands
Belly Bands are a must have! They provide comfort and support to gently lift your growing belly. These always helped take pressure off my heavy belly and also helped keep me in my pre-pregnancy pants a tad longer 😉
Check this band out➡️

  • Maternity Panties
These!!!!!!! Go on and click the link below. You can thank me later!! These cotton undies fit nicely under your precious baby bump without the added pressure. Check them out here➡️ 

  • Maternity Photoshoot
I know, I know! The last thing you want to do when you feel like a beached whale is take photos. Please trust me and just do it. Capture these beautiful moments with your unborn child. 

If you’re located in Mississippi or Massachusetts, check out my amazing photographer Emily Shadeed at She’s so easy to work with and makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

  • Chicco Keyfit30 Carseat and Stroller
This is just my personal opinion and preference. When my other two boys were younger, I had a super bulky and heavy car seat and stroller set. I knew this time around I NEEDED something easy and lightweight because of the constant in and out of the car due to sports. This set has been a lifesaver at the ballfields lately! Check out the car seat here➡️

Click here for the super lightweight stroller➡️ 

  • DockATot
This is the perfect docking station for your baby to rest, play, and cuddle! They are quite pricey but they are AMAZING! It keeps your baby confined in a safe and relaxing space to help ease those new mom fears. 

  • Baby Carriers/Wraps
Why didn’t I have one of these with my older two?!? We would be lost without our baby wrap and I’d never get anything done without it! My little one loves to snuggle up to me and it brings him so much comfort when he is being extra fussy. Do your research and check reviews. It’s honestly based on preference. I went with the Baby K’Tan and love it! Below are some links to some of the more popular baby wraps.

Boba Baby Wrap➡️

Baby K’Tan➡️

Ergo Carrier Sling➡️

Moby Classic Wrap➡️

  • Diapers and wipes
I’ll be honest here, I use to go the cheap way with diapers and would always silently curse when they would leak. This go round, my sister introduced me to The Honest Company. Again, this is an area of preference but I wanted to at least introduce you to this brand. 

They offer safe baby and beauty products and it’s an added bonus that their diapers have the CUTEST patterns to choose from. You can purchase as needed or you can do what I do and choose to have diapers and wipes auto-shipped to you. This is so much more convenient for my family because I never run short of diapers. And guess what?!? We’ve never had a leak with these (personal experience. All experiences may vary). Head to to learn more.

Also, you can purchase their wipes and bath supplies on Amazon. Here is my absolute favorite shampoo to use with our infant➡️

  • On the Go Dome
We are constantly on the go whether at the ballfields, park, family’s house, etc. This Fisher-Price Dome is the perfect portable set to take along with you.
Find it here➡️

  • Halo Sleep Sack
Now, we didn’t personally use this but every “Mom Group” I’m in, there are hundreds of moms who swear by it! Honestly, I’m trusting the mass opinions of moms over a company’s word. That is why it has made the list. Halo Sleep Sack keeps your babe perfectly swaddled and is said to help them sleep better (mom group mass opinion). 
Check it out here➡️

  • Simply Joys by Carter’s
We LIVE by these sleepers! Our son currently has an NG tube (feeding tube through his nose) and the sleepers are a lifesaver. He was constantly pulling his tube out when flailing his arms around. These adorable sleepers have little cuffs you fold over their hands to keep them from scratching (or pulling) at their little faces!
Check them out here➡️

  • Bottle Drying Rack
If you plan on using bottles, whether formula or breastfed, go ahead and invest in one of these. They are super cheap and super convenient. It helps keep your bottles organized in one space and helps keep the germs away. Check it out here➡️

  • Sound Machine
We don’t use a sound machine but again, other moms RAVE over them. I came across this Hatch Baby Sound Machine and Night Light. It easily connects to your phone via Bluetooth which allows you to control it. I’m recommending Hatch Baby because we have the Hatch Baby Changing Pad and Scale (found here➡️ and it’s so easy to use. We LOVE it!!

Check it out here➡️

  • Diaper Bag
Since this isn’t my first rodeo, Im pretty experienced in all kinds of diaper bags. My all time favorite has been my diaper backpack. It has so much space and pockets for everything. It’s perfect to just sling on my back and go! Check out my diaper bag here➡️

Now, I realize this isn’t EVERYTHING you need for a newborn but it’s a start. I hope I was able to give you some ideas and help you not feel as overwhelmed! Congratulations again on your sweet little baby!!
Please Note:Items listed in this post are of my own personal opinion. As always, its recommended that you research products to ensure their rating and safety. This post contains affiliate links (Amazon Associates Program) which means if you click and purchase a qualifying item, I may earn affiliate commission at not additional cost to you 


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