Monday, May 20, 2019

Summer Schedule

Summer is upon us and so is the panic us parents feel knowing the kids will be home all summer long. If your household is anything like mine, it won’t take long before the “I’m bored” sets in. 

Last year, our summer was mostly spent unorganized with a lot of down time (between baseball practices/games). This got me thinking about how I could change things up this summer and attempt to keep the kids engaged on a daily basis. 

I’m sure I won’t fully stick to a schedule as things are always changing. However, I wanted to implement as much structure as possible to help regulate behaviors. When a child is bored, they are more likely to get in trouble and that causes for a long, miserable summer.

Below I’ve attached a themed schedule I created for my family this summer. Feel free to use it with your kiddos to help keep them engaged all summer long. Best part? I’ve built in educational activities to keep their little minds fresh all summer long.

Feel free to print or screenshot the schedule below for your family: 

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