Monday, May 6, 2019

The Catcus

If you’re allergic to sensitive topics and inappropriate language, do yourself a favor and sit this one out.

Hi! It’s me. The Cactus. 

So, what’s makes me an actual cactus? Brace yourself.

I ABSOLUTELY hate to be touched. It makes me cringe and slowly wither away inside. I was always so afraid to step on someone’s toes in the past. I’d just suck it up and slowly die on the inside. Now, I’ll firmly tell people to please do not touch me. 

I wasn’t always like this though. You see, a little over three years ago, someone who held my heart in the palm of their hands, invaded my personal space in a way no one should ever. It forever changed how I felt about my space. 


You may not even realize you’re being an unintentional prick and making someone feel uncomfortable. It’s NEVER okay to invade someone’s personal space regardless of relationship (family, friends, strangers). NEWS FLASH!!!! Why someone might actually be a ๐ŸŒต is in fact none of your business but it also may be a very valid and scary reason why they are this way. 

Signs that a ๐ŸŒต in your life (or anyone for that matter) might be feeling uncomfortable:
-  They leave a space between the two of you when speaking.
- May place an object between the two of you. 
- They may look away frequently or not make eye contact at all.
- May seem uninterested in the conversation (because they might be plotting their escape).
- Appear to be fidgety.
- Closed body language such as crossing their arms or angling their body away from you.

Let them invite you into their space and if someone in fact loses their shit when you invade their personal space, don’t blame them... you my friend were the prick. 

Are you the ๐ŸŒต?! Stand up. Speak up. You DO NOT have to live your life feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. Set boundaries for yourself and others. 



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  1. Yes!!! I too feel like this from time to time. But i know many others whi just dont like to be touched!!! Thank you for posting this. I feel like i am alone on thism im happy to see im not alone!!! #fellowcactus